New Year Resolutions for 2010

01/04/2010 at 1:25 PM (Activities, Financial, Fitness, Goals, Jobs) (, , )

1. Get a job involving writing whether it is volunteering, interning or paid work.

2. Learn a new language.

3. Get back to dancing.

4. Pick up Photoshop skills.

5. Cook more often & eat take-out less.

6. Finally make a Flickr to upload my photos to.

7. Maintain this blog, at least once a week.

8. Tone down on the clothes shopping.

9. Save up for a trip overseas.

10. Get braver in my city driving skills.


  1. Thoapsl said,

    Those are some good resolutions! The #2 sounds especially daunting, though. Which new language are you thinking of?

    Good luck with all of them … I’ve been continually resolving #5 since about 2003, myself.


  2. leadinglight said,

    I am trying to decide between French & Spanish. Which one is easier do you think?

    Hehe, no. 5 is tough if you have bad cookery skills.


  3. Thoapsl said,

    hmm … French has lots of verb irregularities, but Spanish has three genders. French is handy for travelling to France or Africa, Spanish is handy for travelling to Spain or the Americas. French has baguettes, Spanishs has enchiladas.

    advantage: Espanol, I reckon 🙂


  4. leadinglight said,

    Then Spanish it shall be. =]

    and I got my job involving writing… just a small internship until uni starts and my actual uni internship begins!

    Going well so far…wonder what I’ll be maintaining when Feb comes?


  5. Harnew said,

    Have you accomplished any of this?


    • leadinglight said,

      Yes, I have a paid job involving writing and a volunteer one too. I go for dance lessons each Sunday. I am buying a lot less clothes- it’s going for petrol now that I no longer live close to the city. Yes, I do have a Flickr and I even entered a photo comp! The blog one is obvious! Yep, I have enough savings for an overseas trip but now that I have two jobs plus a volunteer one I have a lot less leave.

      I haven’t done the Photoshop + new lang course yet (because I like doing my lessons in proper classes as I hate online tutorials) since the times they held them at TAFE was the same as my office work time. Salary trumps short course but I did a short course in MYOB so I can figure out how to do my tax returns on one Saturday and the fact I took up English and Literature tutoring didn’t leave me with a lot of evenings free either. I’ve done more cooking than last year certainly!


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