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Why everyone says Inception was hard to follow is mind-boggling to me than the film itself was. From the first few minutes of reel play, it was obvious that Chris Nolan was throwing the audience headlong into the film at the start without spoon-feeding us with any back story.

All the hype surrounding the film made me expect a masterpiece of cinematic art but honestly Memento where he explores missing memory and The Prestige where he delves deep into the subject of sleight of hand seem to be far better executed in terms of visual narrative that makes you hold your breath so it at least satisfied me the final shot packed a substantial punch to the mind.

Don’t worry – it’s still worth watching though for the special FX of landscaping through dreams, fight sequences in a hotel corridor with no gravity and the experience of  following three trains of action plus the actual plot as long as you can understand what Nolan was getting at through ‘extraction’ and ‘inception’.

It’s just I’m not sure every moviegoer will.

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