The Story of Danny Dunn

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The Story of Danny Dunn

This is a sad but beautiful story of determination and perseverance about the life of Danny Dunn. His dreams of becoming a pro athlete dashed after a very foolhardy and ¬†rash decision to enlist in World War I by dropping out of university , he does his best to cultivate the sporting abilities of his twin daughters. This is no easy task because one of the twins realises her talent lies in folk music unlike the other sister who ¬†trains to be an Olympic level swimmer in accordance to Danny’s wishes.

Unfortunately Danny’s political ambitions and support of Dawn Fraser impose upon the sporting daughter’s qualifying to compete and a last minute illness during the swimming finals leads to the blossoming of an unsavoury relationship with tragic consequences.

Ultimately Danny realises he was pursuing his own dreams through his daughters and comes to terms with his other daughter following her own.

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