Fun with Models and Cameras

09/16/2011 at 4:17 PM (Couples, Photography, Studio) (, , )

OK, I’ll confess I have been a little too busy this week to complete a review  – I’ve found how addictive an effect the SIMS game has on me. Apart from that I enjoyed a free hair styling session courtesy of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week  and enjoyed a night at The Langham with family because of  a conference. So you’ll have to wait for a week to read my review of another George Eliot based BBC adaptation. But on the weekend before that, I went to a studio where I took some photos of models for TFP – perhaps overdosing on Australia’s Next Top Model actually inspired me with some ideas for creative posing. By the way I think Montana will win the competition – she’s a dark horse who always scrapes through!

I was assigned a slot of one hour with seven other photographers. It was really hard to get decent shots sometimes with lots of flash on Canons and Nikons going off at once. Things started getting interesting when one of the other photographers asked the male model to take off his shirt

Then I figured we could get some appealing shots if we had our female model work with him. Given these models were volunteers, they did a great job although I prefer location shoots over studio shoots since I only like to use minimal amounts of post processing and there’s so much more scope than a blank canvas.

Here are a few I decided to share:

Image: Sarasi Peiris

Image: Sarasi Peiris

Image: Sarasi Peiris

Image: Sarasi Peiris

Well, I don’t want to use up my photo quota because like my last New Year’s Eve post, I’ll be sharing the best 10 photos of 2011. But this is a good way to spend an hour of your weekend – why say no to playing with models and cameras? I love it and what’s better is the models like it more!

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