Habit – Cate Kennedy

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Have you heard of Cate Kennedy? She wrote the short story ‘Habit’ which has more than one veiled meaning. The plot is about the experience of a dying character who adopts a master disguise to smuggle cocaine using an ingenious manuevere. Torn between the remainder of life left and the dilemmas imposed by an impulsive choice, the protagonist throws caution to the wind to face a massive risk and succeeds.


The gender of the main character remains ambiguous to the reader and contributes to the sly tone satire peppered through the narrative but the voiced internal thought process gives us some insight. Clever phrases are interspersed within the tale which make plenty of sense when the disguise used to conceal her true intentions is finally revealed. It is clear Cate Kennedy has used creative writing techniques in a skilled fashion to craft the plot and is fully deserving of the regard she has attained.

The author of Habit also has the following advice about distractions caused by the Internet for aspiring writers. You can read it here at Overland’s blog. But Jo Case warns you to not go to Luddite extremes either by reflecting on her own blog writing experience here. With that I bring my week of highlighting Australian short stories to a close.

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