On Kissing Strangers and Other Literary Projects

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Creative methods of expression through the art of writing have always held my fascination. The following three projects certainly grabbed my attention for their ingenuity and so I shall share for the benefit of those who have the enthusiasm for things of this sort:

Kissing Couple

You might not know who Philip Thiel is (unless you read Frankie or were an attendee at the Emerging Writers Festival this year) but he plans to kiss 365 people of either gender in 2010 and document every kiss in his Livejournal account, 2010: A Year of Kissing People. I’m not sure if what he exhibits is bravery or madness but fortunately for him, his husband Julien is okay with this business. It is also worth looking at his back history of social literary projects that involve giving flowers, people following and writing two lines of iambic pentameter per day.

If reading about locking lips with strangers is not your cup of tea, 420 Characters might suit you better. Every story written by the author based on the ‘status updates’ of a popular social networking site is limited to 420 characters including punctuation, letters and spacing. It originally started out as an exercise in practising fiction for Lou Beach.

In keeping with the theme, some time back I read this article about the Matchbox Project which happens to be more of an artistic rather than literary endeavour. This in turn reminded me of Kevin Cordi’s StoryBox Project. Both projects follow the same pattern but differs in the packaging and content of the boxes. Matchbox is meant to be a showcase of portable art while StoryBox is about the stories,papers, videos and other content people want to showcase to the world through a globe-trotting box.

The StoryBox

These things have made me come up with several ideas of my own except I realise I need to be able to sew to put together a quilt of  book covers I’ve read. Since I’m the type of person who takes half an hour to get the thread through the eye of a needle, hopefully someone with passion for needlework could be hired for this project.

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