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The pleasure of watching the Disney 3D movie Tangled was mine only yesterday with Rapunzel being voiced by Mandy Moore (it’s been a while since I’ve heard her sing and act!). I won’t get into plot details because much of it was covered by my previous article on the ACMI Exhibition. The movie name was changed because it was feared the title of Rapunzel would actually deter young boys from seeing the film.

The movie contains some arresting visuals especially during a spectacular scene of entrapment which creatively even if somewhat predictably employs the 70 ft of long blonde magical hair as an escape tool. By the way,  the  versatility of Rapunzel’s hair deserves recognition as it serves a variety of functions – rope, weapon, lever, ladder, lasso, anti aging potion and healing balm. It is also worth mentioning the lantern scene where Rapunzel finally achieves her goal and Flynn realises and discovers his ability to be sincere.

The Lantern Scene

Flynn, the unlikely hero with a penchant for narcissism is an amusing but sweet character reminiscent of Dimitri from Anastasia (produced by Don Bluth from 20th Century Fox), like all villains concealing good hearts. Maximus, the palace horse is the typical animal sidekick archetype for Flynn although they have disagreements over differing points of view regarding thievery and start out on the wrong foot. In contrast, Rapunzel’s companion, Pascal, is a tiny but domineering chameleon.

As mentioned  by  Margaret Pomeranz of ABC’s At the Movies, Alan Menken’s song numbers brings back true Disney spirit. Though I can’t help but feel Mother Gothel’s songs are sort of cheesy because of the chosen lyrical compilation. Dialogue in this film can also be entertaining in the vein of Shrek. The witty repartee between Flynn aka Eugene Fitzherbert with the feisty and adventurous Rapunzel contains several gems such as this:

Rapunzel: [circling Flynn tied to a chair with her hair] So, what do you want with my hair? To cut it?
Flynn Rider: What?
Rapunzel: Sell it?
Flynn Rider: No! Listen, the only thing I want to do with your hair is to get out of it… literally!

Nevertheless the golden accolades belong to the moment when it appears all is lost and is a significant departure from film’s original roots. Although in Disney form, an undiscovered treasure reveals itself and the matter is naturally resolved with the classic twist in the tale.


  1. Geoffrey Wilmeth said,

    Thanks a lot for the entry, I actually learned something from it. Extremly quality content on this site. Always looking forward to new post.


  2. nadia said,

    I saw this movie last week. Loved it!


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